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Mikkeller Winter Craft BeerWalk

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+

Mikkeller Winter BeerWalk in Vesterbro

This winter Mikkeller BeerWalk contains a surprise out of the ordinary!

We are visiting the Mikkeller HQ to get warmed up and to taste som beer from tap!

You can look forward to an approximately 3 kilometer long, social and cozy walk in all kinds of weather, with 6-7 stops along the way and a minimum of 6 beer tastings, “almost all outdoors”, so dress accordingly.

The local BeerWalk guide tells stories and small anecdotes about the area, the brewery Mikkeller and the founder Mikkel Bjergsø, as well as the delicious beers you will taste on this BeerWalk.

Mikkeller Winter Craft BeerWalk

• offers tasting of my 6 different beers (equivalent to about 2.5 beers)
• offers the tasting glass, which may be kept as a memory
• offers stories about Vesterbro, Mikkeller and the beer in the glass
• is an intimate and primarily outdoor experience with a maximum of 20 participants

It can also be booked as a private tour or beer tasting (without the walk) for companies and private individuals, composed uniquely according to their own needs

Charming Vesterbro and unique Mikkeller

Vesterbro was once famous for its status as a “red-light district” in Copenhagen. Today, the popular neighborhood is as cool as it is authentic, and here families live side by side with the hip nightlife, fashion boutiques, sex shops, cafes, bakeries, and bars.
Vesterbro has a special place in Mikkeller’s heart – this is the area where it all began.

Mikkeller is a Danish world-renowned Copenhagen craft beer brewery that produces a wide range of quality products in addition to: chocolate, spirits, wine and beer.
Globally there are Mikkeller running and cycling clubs, as well as various bars and restaurants.