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About Us

BeerWalks are guided beer walks, lectures about beer and beer tastings. All wrapped up in stories and craft beer tasting in Danish world class.

Passion as a driving force!

All our BeerGuides are adults who love to tell the good story, are genuine and lively and with a love for good beer and the desire to be “together with others”!

It is our BeerGuides who make all the difference and I am proud of and pinch myself to have such good and lovely people associated with BeerWalks.

All guides have received laudatory messages and lovely reviews from happy guests – that makes ME incredibly proud!

Do like more than 8,000 happy people, go for a walk with us in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Bornholm or the Faroe Islands or book us for a terrific round of beer tasting – a nice little break…


Meet Our Team


Idésøgende og passioneret BeerWalker. BeerWalks er alt, hvad han selv elsker: gåture, historier, craft øl og at møde nye mennesker.
Du kan komme på BeerWalk med Christoffer i København, på Bornholm og Færøerne.

Fun fact: Christoffer er bornholmer, ølelsker og tidligere finansmand


BeerWalk guide and zealot in everything he does.

Gordon loves football, club and national team and likes to travel to get good experiences with football. He loves all sports and is a real family man.
You can come to the BeerWalk with Gordon in Copenhagen.

Fun fact: Gordon is from Aalborg and a former banker


BeerWalk guide who got tired of endless team meetings during corona and found energy in guiding happy people around Vesterbro accompanied by stories and good beer. Anders still holds many team meetings in between some BeerWalks.
You can come to the BeerWalk with Anders in Copenhagen.

Fun fact: Anders loves skiing and Australia


BeerWalk guide and BeerTasting expert. He is also known under the Instagram profile “Copenhagenbeertraveler”. Niklas is crazy about Copenhagen, beer and “travelling”, a perfect description of being a BeerWalk guide.
You can go on a trip with Niklas in Copenhagen.

Fun fact: Niklas is a member of


BeerWalk guide and BeerTasting expert. He is also known as the man behind the Instagram profile “HopSkullBeerGuide”. He is in high demand as a reviewer of almost all types of beer and has a fondness for beer in the “sour/funky” universe.
You can come to the BeerWalk with Paw in Copenhagen.

Fun fact: Paw is a member of


BeerTasting expert and the gang behind the Instagram profile He is BeerWalk’s teenager, unruly and curious about all things alcohol. Known for his deep insight into both wine, beer, whiskey and tequila (he is from Viborg)
You can come to BeerTasting with Simon in Copenhagen.

Fun fact: Member of and gastro man


BeerWalk guide and the woman behind the island blogger of the year 2021 with the Instagram profile “Craftbeervalkyrie” after only a short year as a beer blogger, an impressive achievement. We are proud and happy to have Elise with us in BeerWalks.
You can come to the BeerWalk with Elise in Copenhagen.

Fun fact: Elise is the newest member of


BeerWalk guide with an impressive knowledge of beer. “What Morten doesn’t know about beer is not worth knowing” Morten has moved to Bornholm, lives in one of Rønne’s charming old streets and manages “Øl og Tjød which is located in Rønne.
You can come to the BeerWalk with Morten in Rønne.

Fun fact: There is always freshly tapped Amager Bryghus beer at Morten’s keg facility


BeerWalk guide, commutes and moves to Allinge on Bornholm. Flemming still has a few days in Jutland every week (some work that needs to be taken care of) otherwise life is enjoyed in beautiful Allinge in the north of Bornholm.
You can come to the BeerWalk with Flemming in Allinge-Sandvig.

Fun fact: Flemming plays drums and sings in a band and loves Rick Astley


BeerWalk guide with an impressive energy and knowledge of everything and everyone in Svaneke, Denmark’s most beautiful market town. Claus has stopped working in the tourism industry after 40 years and is now busier than ever. Claus is an ice cream man, beer demo man and BeerWalk guide.
You can come to the BeerWalk with Claus in Svaneke.

Fun fact: Claus is a real skier (manages Hønsekidning in Svaneke, google it)


BeerWalk guide and rider to the Faroe Islands from the USA more than 30 years ago. Joel loves to tell stories and is a well-known face in the Faroe Islands for his works of art and applied art in wood. Joel is married to a Faroese and has 3 children.
You can join Joel on the BeerWalk in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands.

Fun fact: Joel has had his wood art on the stamps of the Faroe Islands

Eivind Eysturoy

BeerWalk guide and school teacher in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands. Eivind is full of stories and he loves good beer and life on the Faroe Islands, although Copenhagen draws him from time to time. Eivind lived for 10 years at Vesterbro in Copenhagen before returning to Tórshavn.
You can come on the BeerWalk with Eivind in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands.

Fun fact: Eivind is a hand brewer, and the beer tastes fantastic


BeerWalk guide and IT man. Kristian loves both IT and beer, in fact so much that Kristian works at Mikkeller Bar and at OY Brewing in Tórshavn in addition to his job as an IT man. He is a VERY passionate football fan of both Newcastle and B36 as well as the Faroese national team.
You can come to the BeerWalk with Kristian in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands.

Fun fact: Kristian lost his BeerWalks hoodie and jacket 10 hours after he had received it

Introducing Our Breweries



Mikkeller is first and foremost beer. Showcasing all possible styles and ingredients, this is a universe whose endless possibilities include hops, malt, barrel aging, spontaneous fermentation, coffee, passion fruit, cherries, chilli, yuzu, chocolate and more. But it doesn’t stop there, click and read more.


Swaneke Brewery

Svaneke Bryghus is a 100% organic brewery. Unfiltered craft beer is brewed here based on five ingredients; water, malt, hops, yeast and time. The Slowbeer philosophy is the secret behind the good beer taste, because the beer is not accelerated. The brewmaster closely monitors the beer in the desire for taste balance, and nothing leaves the brewery without his approval, click and read more.



In the autumn of 2018, the first four beers became available and in 2019 we released another 9. Being only two people in the brewery, production is limited. It has been a long, tough and challenging journey. I hope you agree with us, that it was worth all the work and the long waiting time, click and read more.


Amager Brewery

When the two homebrewers, schoolmates and good friends, Morten & Jacob, concluded after a wet city tour in 2007 that Amager missed its own brewery, they could hardly have dreamed of where they would be 14 years later. Amager Brygus has been in the top 100 of the world’s best breweries for the past 12 years, click and read more


OPEN Brewery

The name ÅBEN derives from the Danish phrase ‘to be open’. Both the name and design originate from the vision of being open, symbolizing the openness Philip as a founder experienced as a new brewery in the industry. The mantra of openness is fundamental for OPEN, click and read more.


Small Batch Bornholm

Small Batch Brewery has been through rapid development since the start at Hallegård in 2015. The vision was, as part of Hallegaard’s food concept, to also brew its own high-quality beer. In 2016, Johnny and Anders took over the entire company and moved to their own premises at the harbor in Rønne, here beer is brewed in balance, click and read more.


Beer here

Christian Skovdahl Andersen founded Beerhere in 2008 after having left his first brewery and swore never to get back into the brewing business. However beer brewing is like Eagles’ Hotel Califonia, you can check out, but you can never leave, co-located on Bornholm with Penyllan, click and read more.


Warpig's Brewpub

The American brewery 3 Floyds and Danish brewery Mikkeller have built WarPigs Brewpub from scratch to serve authentic Texas barbecue and American-Danish style brews to Copenhagen and the world, click and read more.


Ebeltoft Gaardbryggeri

Ebeltoft Gaardbryggeri is a renowned Danish craft brewery, known for its dedication to producing exceptional and innovative beers. With a strong commitment to quality, creativity and local ingredients, Ebeltoft Gaardbryggeri has earned a reputation for producing unique and tasty beers that delight beer enthusiasts both locally and internationally. Their website is a portal to explore their diverse range of hand-brewed beers and the passion behind every sip.



Mikropolis is a recognized Danish company that specializes in microbrewing. Known for their creative approach to beer brewing and quality products, Mikropolis has gained great recognition within the beer community. Their website allows you to explore their exciting range of hand-brewed beers and delve into their passion for beer art.

logo, company name

Ish Spirits

Ish Spirits is a Danish company that specializes in the manufacture of exclusive spirit products. With a focus on quality and unique taste experiences, Ish Spirits has been recognized for their innovative approach to spirit production. Visit their website to explore their impressive range of products and discover the true craftsmanship behind every drop.

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