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Private Booking

Your very own BeerWalk or BeerTasting is perfect for a birthday, bachelor party, friends or something else entirely - you are guaranteed some pleasant hours!

Private BeerWalks

Imagine your own customized BeerWalk, ideal for a birthday, bachelor party, or other special event, a unique way to enjoy the city together!

An experienced guide will lead you through the district we are exploring, where you will hear stories about the area and taste the beer we have brought with us along the way (ice cold).

Your private BeerWalk is 100%  hygge (Danish for ultimate cozyness).

The aim is to give you “a down-to-earth pleasant experience, a nice little break

A BeerWalk is 100% outdoors, so dress accordingly and simply enjoy each other’s company and delicious beer.

A perfect opportunity to share moments, and create memories in an exclusive way – JUST YOU and your friends!

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Become a hero, organize a private BeerTasting or a company BeerTasting.

We guarantee that it will be an enjoyable few hours that are not for beer geeks, on the contrary, we want to make beer accessible to everyone – so everyone can join in.

We combine beer tasting with storytelling and a quiz. You will hear fun stories about the breweries whose beer you will taste.

Of course we talk about the brewing method and of course you have to taste quite a few different styles of beer, but we put more emphasis on what you taste and stories about the breweries and the beer!

When we’re done tasting beer (are we evert?) you might be more clear about what you really like, and maybe also what you DON’T like!

Book a BeerTasting and stand out the next time you go to a bar with friends, by flaunting beer expressions and most importantly, maybe you can guide your friends in the direction of the beer that suits them exactly!

We have access to Danish top-class craft beer!

We will come out to you and we bring beer and tasting glasses, you just have to make room for your guests and otherwise leave the entertainment to us!

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